Ps4 thrustmaster t80 wheel random throttle cut out

Hi, when playing with the thrustmaster t80 the throttle will randomly cut out while driving around. It seems to be random but more so often when making sharp turns. I was wondering if its the wheel but my buddy i play with has the same issue.

Hi, thanks for this.

I'll pass it along to the team.

@iyagovos hey! How you doing? Jus't wanting to pass along that i found what triggers the cut out when using the t80 wheel. Its triggered when I'm using the controller while driving with the wheel. I use the wheel with my left hand while i use my controller with the right so i can move the camera more naturaly and still use the manual gear select. Would greatly appreciate a fix. Really annoying losing throttle and steering reset to straighy, then damaging out by moving the camera lol. I can post a video if requested.


@mitch0901 Hey there, which controller is this with, please?

@Iyagovos Ps4 dualshock4 controller. The inputs from the wheel will cut out if i move the camera with the controller.

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I don't believe the game natively supports PS4 controllers - are you able to set up the DS4 as an Xbox controller in Steam Big Picture, and does it work as intended then?

@iyagovos I am playing on ps4 console with the t80 wheel. But when playing with the wheel and use the controller for camera and manual gear shift the wheel inputs are cut out momentarily.