Weather and night

Hello, devs !

I just wanted to start a discussion about how cool it would be to have night maps back (would include night vision googles + flashlights like Insurgency2) and, even better, a weather system. Or at least, and for the sake of map balancing, maps that have particular weather conditions to them.

Wouldn't mountain maps with snow, or urban maps with rain be amazing ?

I know for sure I'd really like to see that. Would make the game feel more alive. It would still have to be credible considering the realistic setting of the game. I know that mountains in middle east do have snow, for instance, so why not use that for the game ? Plus, it would add variety to the landscapes. We only have man-made ones in the game at the moment. Just a bit of beautiful nature's work would be cool in my opinion.

Maybe even a map with... you know... a freaking SANDSTORM!
I mean, its in the game's name FFS!

Yeah, would be cool too. I guess. Kinda hard to see shit through a sandstorm, so it would require some tweaking to make the game interesting.

would only add more variety. Maybe if people got their knickers in a twist it could just be for casual. cool idea either way.
+1 for a sandstorm

There's a loading screen image called "citadel" in the game's files that looks like a night map. I assume it's coming out post-release or somewhere at the end of the beta.

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That'd be cool.
I know that they plan to have 6 maps on release (last Q&A video I watched), and we already know that Refinery will make a comeback, and that an urban map will come with the next update.

So, no night/special weather maps in sight for the moment... I really hope they'd pull something off concerning new and different maps. Sunny weather is nice, don't get me wrong, but I'd kill for something that would take advantage of the Unreal Engine.

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@grumf said in Weather and night:

Wouldn't mountain maps with snow, or urban maps with rain be amazing ?

alt text

Interesting... Very interesting... 🙂
Also, other maps' names, so even more interesting !

@grumf I hope I don't break NDA from Closed Alpha and I don't want to disappoint you either, but the map "Summit" from the ongoing Beta was called "Mountain" earlier in the Closed Alpha.
They renamed the maps in general.
"Crossing" was called "Canyon" earlier.
"Hideout" was called "Town".
Oildfield = Refinery (This map used to be in Alpha and Beta earlier)
But to be honest, I never heard from "Compound".
There were 6 maps in the Alpha. They announced 6 maps for release.

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@benny Ohhhh, yeah, I forgot about that. Well, too bad.

NWI, please, let us have real mountains with a bit of snow (like Heights or Verticality) and weather effects ! 🙂

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Hi there !

So, we now know that night maps will be back. I'm glad they will !
What about weather, though ? Would be nice to have the idea passed on the dev team 🙂