we still need an inertia system

I still have issues with the speed of movement and direction change rate this game has, it is particularly noticeable in CQB when somebody is able to strafe left and right while shooting with no perceptible slow down due to weight constraints. this is not realistic at all and rewards jerky movements and jumping around as a valid tactic. Although i agree this is not a simulator, due to the high damage and low TTK this is definitely something that needs to be addressed.

@snakelegionnaire Not sure how long you’ve been playing, but what you described was initially in the game when it was a closed alpha. Personally i liked it, but it got removed after like three days of constant complaining from people who apparently didn’t understand you can’t turn on a dime mid-sprint in real life.

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@Tooth-Decay Yeah I know. why the hell did people complain about it honestly, you can literally walk away from bullets now. Hopefully it will get reinstated in the coming update seemings lots of people are complaining about it.