Game breaking/ Xbox crashing glitch

So im at the at the nucleus hub and i cant use the medbay. Every time i use the new bay at the nucleus the game crashes so hard my xbox crashes. Im still on my first new game about 30 hours in. The crash happens 100% of the time.
5 out of 5 times that ive tried to play.

Im scared to load up the game again if it breaks so hard that my console nopes out. And apparently im one of many thay has had this happen.

@lord-mirishiki Similar to my Crash: something in the inventory is doing it, I believe... About to post a separate note tho since yours is the Med bay.

Where do i go to get a refund on this game 😠😠😠😠 because im not settling on paying for a broken game!!! I tried to get ahold of you guys anf ive been ignored!!! back my money and take your steaming dumpster fire of a game back!