wicked errors
  1. a few days back the game crashed with a BSOD, nvidia driver related (no other game or app ever did that); driver ver is the latest 416.34

  2. just got kicked from a server for a EAC error after some 30sec of gameplay? seriously wtf?

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Please post in correct sub-forum next time, i've moved your topic under the Technical section.

BSOD as well as spontaneous reboots/shutdowns are caused by system, driver or hardware instability. The game is just acting as a load.

As for your EAC issue, that depends, firstly your connection to EAC/server might be unstable (that includes your home network, especially if you are on WiFi, as well as your internet connection) and secondly it can happen if you have disabled EAC via Steam's Launch Options (command line parameters).

yseah, sorry about the wrong subforum, got a bit mad atm of writing...

regarding the EAC, not using wifi, connection is stable, nothing is disabled, especialy not running anything with comm line parameters; i did seem to have some udp errors on certain servers on the old Ins lately tho
interesting part about it was, it happened while a lot was going on (fired two rpg rounds quite quickly following one another), after 2 or 3 mins of being in the menus i got into the same server/game again without any new errors