Hmm i smell fishy going on's

Ok i just got the achievement for bringing a terminator back with the apothecary, which was great. But it dropped before the genestealer even moved and killed him in the first place , my psyker can really see into the future it seems.

Standard, unfortunately.
In most cases, the dice-roll become visible before the animation and/or sound effect is actually carried out. Especially when events are chained together. For example, if you activate MOVE & FIRE, and move a Marine forward four squares, giving him four shots, the DakkaDakka sound effect will sometimes only play once or twice. And the dice will be visible before the movement animation is completed.

It's a minor issue, but it can be confusing, and timeconsuming, when things don't look or sound the way you expect. "What just happened?" Tick... Tock...

It's a synchronisation issue that shouldn't be hard to correct, but it might not be a priority, since it's not exactly broken. Unlike the rest of the game..

No offense, devs! I know you are hard at work, fixing all issues. I love you! 😜

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