How do I upload a video?

[0_1540172791152_B8BBE57D-2F30-4722-9E84-75CC8E6EF3C3.MOV](Uploading 4%) It says entity to large but it’s a 5 second video and it’s tiny?? I don’t get it.

[0_1540173354483_03F96B0C-543C-41A1-9F83-3E7508B8EF8E.MOV](Uploading 100%) Ffs I edited it to 3 seconds and it fits now but I get an error wrong file type. What ever it’s a good one I’m on a sand bag in a small room to the left of a door that opens away from me not towards me and a guy kicks the door open and it not only kills me but my legs are explodes off! Super sonic kick! (For the record it says cause of death was door breach).

Hi, you can't upload video files directly to the forums. You'd need to either send it with WeTransfer, or upload it to YouTube.

@planetcanada It does. This is an odd one, I'll pass it along to the team.

This post is deleted!

@pacalis It’s fine where it is there bud it’s a video about a technical issue so calm down!


Oh, maybe I created a misunderstanding, sorry that was not my intention. Your posts and your thread is absolutely fine, I did not intend to criticize it. I am referring to another thread made by myself and want to talk with the moderator about that. All the best

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