Complaint on being banned

I have an official complaint. Sooo, I got banned from champ ladder 19. I'm back after about a year being gone because personal things. Worked Saturday morning at the sawmill, only threw about 10k feet of boards easy day but long week. go home have a drink play a game and win. Then I fall asleep for a few hours. Oops, apparently I was spinning with my 1-0 underworld team. Caught a loss because I was afk. Now I'm banned from the league. ruined 3 teams because I cannot even enter them into open league. I gave someone a free win, so doct me for a concession if you will (I never concede in champ ladder). But, whatever volunteer decided to ban me is not following the league rules. I didn't get any email, don't even know what forum to state my case on. This is an abuse of power by a moderator. I request to be allowed to be reinstated. Also, without an appeal process I request the banning overlord to be removed from his position.

Can I get a refund on this game? I do not cause problems this is not right.

And its good to know it was you dode. This is a concession loss, I do not have any history of going afk just this one time.

@BrokenFace - It wasn't me. I no longer admin for CCL as I resigned a few months back (can't get rid of the tag on the forum, for some reason). I was simply saying what the reason very likely was.

As for refunds, you'd need to ask your retailer.

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Sooo can't get a refund through steam. thanks for that pass off on financial responsibility. As far as champion league rules goes, the unnamed moderator broke the rules, I should be reinstated and they should be removed from their position. If stated rules are ignored, favorites do as they wish, enjoy your tiny player base....

@dode74 - I've removed you from the group so that the tag doesn't show up anymore 🙂

@BrokenFace As you broke league rules by going AFK, you have been removed. We will not be removing a mod from their position for this.