Cross platform play, or changes to the online matchmaking

Currently the console player base seems quite small. Matchmaking can sometimes be in excess of 30mins. for Such a niche game, it seems beneficial to group the whole player base together. Xbox and pc have been cross platform for a longtime and PS4 is now getting in on it too.

If it’s not possible then changes are needed to the matchmaking UI. I’d suggest playbase percentages. When you choose quickmatch it should show what % are queuing ranked or public and what % are queuing as SM or GS.

You could even change it so when you load up multiplayer it shows you what lobbies are available

Yes! Very much so. We need an actual Quick-Play button, please. PS4 player-base is hurting.

I don't care if I play Stealers or Marines, or if it's ranked or public. I just want a game, and I believe many feel the same.

This really is the single most important issue, in my opinion. And it has been since launch.

A.I. and bug-fixes got nothin' on not being able to find opponents!

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agree with all the above...this is first and foremost a multiplayer game yet it is so darn difficult to get a multiplayer game
I think something like the current 'lobby' for Skirmish games is ideal, this is where everyone waits .... then with the addition of some chat window players could hook up and then decide on which side and which map

Is the only reason for Quickmatch is to get ranked on leader boards?
If correct then of course you have to keep rankings for those that have worked their way up so maybe retain the ranking for system just for the original maps?

...having a more open lobby would help get games on the non official maps as well