1st off great work dev's on a new spin to an old game. great work , however, I have noticed a few balance issues with the game especially the overwatch mechanic of stormbolter and assult cannon JAMS

While i accept that yes they are part of the base game they are eleveated in that by if you have any squad points left you can burn them to overcome the jam, however with your card system even if you have you can't. This makes overwatch jams evem more devastating than there supposed to be for the marine side. I have had multiple jams lead to 1/2 the squad being wiped out with no recourse from situations where if i was playing the board game would be salvigable becuse I would still of had command points and would have been able to burn them and so reset overwatch.

Also why is the plasma cannon restricted to 'high power' only?
in lore and in the game it's is capable of a low power shot mode in which it count's as a storm bolter. it's only after the weapon has fired on high power (costing 2 AP) that it can not fire for the rest of the turn.

The Sargent with thunderhamer and storm shield has been miscalulated for melee power he gets 1D6+1 (veteran) where he should get (1d6+2) +1 from Veteran and another +1 from thunder hammer.
Where as if this is using 1ed rulles he would be 1D6+3 +1 from Veteran and another +2 from thunder hammer. Also why is the stormshield not giving him 'Parry' as it it supposed to.