Multiplayer on PC - trouble finding games

As titled and judging by others i am not alone.
Given Space Hulk is about two opponents are there any plans to develop the way players can find each other?

As i see it players want to play 'Ranked' games to improve their score so what happens if players choose the same side and then search?...potentially no-one finds a game?

Ideally there should be a lobby with a list of waiting players wanting to a game regardless of which side they want to play as. Then it should be easier to hook up with someone - like Skirmish mode i guess..but match results add to rank scores

So what is 'Public' Quickmatch for?
and why can Skirmish matches not be ranked?

I just posted the same but about console. Definitely needs looking into, with queue times over 30 mins for SM on console. Either combine the player base or make it easier to see whos playing and as what

👍🏼 absolutely kind of sit there searching having no clue whether anyone else is also searching....
a lobby for people wanting to play makes more sense so at least players can see if anyone is around...once you're hooked up then you can decide which side, which map etc....