My suggestion - Develop the AI

I think it would be significant to actually develop the Ai for solo leagues so that there isn't the blatant scripting of play which is thinly veiled to attempt to disguise how bad it is to actually play against. After 30+ years of playing dice games, it becomes obvious when patterns emerge. It doesn't matter that it's not automatically winning across the board, as the fact it's happening at all in a pure dance and hard stats game of such pedigree, is the nauseating part. I'm so borderline as to actually purchase the new dlc, which I would really like to, but I just have a feeling that nothing has changed. I'm pretty much done!

I agree that the ai is generally a very bad coach. But the heart and soul of this games is the mano vs mano, playing other coaches. So I feel like there are many other things I'd like to see before I see an improved ai

I agree that PVP is where the bulk of the play is but there are many circumstances when gamers are not able to have said game and therefore may wish to play a large section of the game in the solo realm, which is still part of the same game and thus deserves attention. Why shoot short when trying to improve. If one aims for mediocrity, falling short lands one in the toilet, so to say. And realistically, a lot has been worked on, which is the flesh of the upcoming DLC, and again, a fair section is for the solo career/leagues, so I believe the request is still relevant.

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If you read the LE release list of change, there is a AI improvement section. So they are attending to the weak AI behavior. Let see what comes out of it

I still wouldn't expect much from the AI. I imagine scripting a competent challenge for even the most journeyman of coaches is damn near impossible without the advent of self-aware computers.

Just as long as there's no scripting of the block dice in order to make the game seem 'challenging' like it is now. It doesn't take much to see blatant patterns of results in the same exact situations. IMO it's just the worst sin to do in a game that is and always has been about the true random nature of the dice rolls with the modifiers stated in the rules. It's just cheap. Maybe game devs across the whole industry and on all platforms etc should invest in a mutually funded project to develop Ai to a level higher than crash test dummy, as I'm sure it would increase the popularity of all games. Now it might be time to wake up and stop dreaming I think.

Building even a decent AI for such immensely complex game with resources of small company like Cyanide is close to impossible. Just won't ever happen. And would drag all resources from all other aspects of the game, so it's not worth it. Majority of users will be playing MP anyway, so that will be the main focus.

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