Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to digitally introduce myself and say thank-you to the community.

I have been playing Blood Bowl for a long time, and the last season, in particular, on the Champions Ladder and current Champions Cup have been fantastic to be a part of.
I am very thankful that I can continue to play my favorite game in 2018 across a beautifully designed platform with coaches, like myself, all-over the world.

Thank-you to all the coaches I've so-far played, the coaches I've yet-to play, and especially to all the admins/volunteers doing Nuffle's Work (as some would say).
Oh, and the gang in Paris HQ, I suppose, as well.

Thanks and take care!

From Alaska,

Arthur Dee


As the below Match Report is from the traveling correspondent of the Khador Warmachines MKII from the frozen lands of Forty Below, please only reveal the spoiler text if you've viewed the replay on Cabalvision HD of the Autonomous Collective, hosting the Khador Warmachines MK II, in Champions Cup XI only on XBLOX ONE.
Otherwise you'll spoil it.



Greetings Blood Bowl fans,

This is the Auld World's premier grotty little Blood Bowl reporter bringing news from the first round of the XBLOX1 Champion's Cup XI Tournament: The Round of 32.

The match has just ended here at Camalot and the workers are going wild. As the Warmachines hosted the Collective to a match during the regular season at their home stadium in the Ice Palace of Umbrey, the playoff rematch between the #7 ranked Orcs and the #25 Bretonnians was to be held in Camalot. Head Coach of the Warmachines, Arthur Dee of Forty Below, was quoted as saying he thought it
"...was a silly name for a place. I would have used an "E" instead of an "A".

In an annoyingly appropriate poetic moment, after being told to do nothing but guard star Collective blitzer Brave, Brave Sir Robin all season, the hero of the match is Robin's Lead Minstrel, scoring in overtime to achieve the 2-1 Bretonnian victory. For one night, at least, it's the Team that will be singing the praises of the Minstrel, instead of the other-way-round.

Coach Arthur Dee summed the match up by citing the "cruel, unfair, unequal, and illegal!" playing conditions his team was forced-into:

"... I want a full investigation into illegal weather-wizardry in this playoff match.
After our boyz played a fair first-half, and went-ahead one-nil, scoring in the Pouring Rain, fairly, I believe illegal wizardry was performed by the home team at halftime to tip the match in their favor.
When the Warmachines played the Autonomous Collective in the Ladder Season, we hosted them in a Blizzard.
We play in a Blizzard - You play in a Blizzard.
That's fair.
Don't believe me?
Watch the Replay.
After those illegal halftime rituals/prayers/spells/whatever ended, and after Warmachines kicker War Dog (Truly the Orc of the Match) struck the ball, the clouds were pierced and dispersed by rays of (possibly-enchanted) light, and it was suddenly Perfect Blood Bowl weather all the way through extra-time for the Bretonnians.
And we all now know how that ended: the Autonomous Collective equalized in the second half; and in extra-time it's 2+, 2+, 2+, 2+, 2+ for Robin's Lead Minstrel to recover the spilled ball, enter the endzone, and finish the game.
If the weather had been LEGAL, like where WE play, that 40.188% minstrel-maneuver would have ended in a turnover, not a score, and the Warmachines would have 100% grinded-up the remainder of the pitch to win 2-1 themselves and advance to the Round of 16.
What wizard guild runs this league, anyway?
Tell me where their magically-hidden, secret complaints-desk in 'Camalot' is so we can file the appropriate paperwork and get out of this town ..."

I am paid by the manager of the team, so I am contractually threatened to agree with the above-statement, and say that this goblin hopes to one day soon see the scores made right for the Orcs of Khador.

Until Next Time,

  • Da Red Gobbo


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