Animations for knife kills and door breach kills

Could you guys change the animation for the knife kills where the knife is swung in different directions? Maybe even add throat slits.
The door breach kills seem weird. Instead of just killing off the guy behind the door, maybe just make the player fall and try to get up. The breacher and the breached should be able to kill each other.

@nicksrk I mean, as for door kicks I think whoever kicked the door first should get the kill. Makes sense to me.

For knife kills and takedowns, though, that's something I'd actually like to see. Would feel real nice to dunk on someone with like a Skyrim-style throat slit lol (although probably way faster than Skyrim's animations).

Melee takedowns could be a silent method of killing enemies (since as of right now, enemies basically just fuckin scream on death).

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@marksmanmax You do do you? Lol..

It is kind of ridiculous lmao. It's more like Battlefield or something.

I still want some method of actually silently killing an enemy without him squealing like a damn mouse.

@marksmanmax I hear ya I’m all for sneaking up behind an enemy and having a quick animation to insinuate you sliced said persons neck from behind therefore being a OHK but still risking the chance of being shot in the back while performing such a maneuver! But this isn’t battlefield and I don’t expect them to add this feature (however cool it would be). Either way we’re you able to watch the short video I provided a link to there? It’s in reference to the OHK with doors and quite a funny video really but also extreme. You will need WeTrasnfer to watch it I think I’m not sure not good at this stuff but it’s worth the watch! (That’s me in the corner lol)!

I had hoped they would have added takedown kills that could only be set off from the back and "maybe" the side. but they didn't add that into sandstorm. I was really disappointed

The knife kill animation won't be relevant until the knife gets a buff lol. I had a guy survive two stabs and two punches, before dying to the third backstab. There's no way that would have worked on a semi-competent player. Please bring back one hit kills at least from behind.

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@cyoce Hitting the guy in the face remedies this issue. Melee damage seems to be treated the same as ballistic damage in Sandstorm, unlike Insurgency: Source.