Playing Mudrunner I liked to watch russian youtube videos, which were 90% similar to the game, its incredible.
Im sure devs took these chanels as an inspirational and information source.

Now playing AW I started to rewatch American Loggers series (i saw maybe 15 episodes 7 years ago).
Its also really close to AW, and maybe was a source for ideas to the devs.
It also can be found in youtube.

So watch it while playing AW (4 seasons):

Американские Лесорубы

Couldn't easily find in english, maybe later.

And watch these while playing russian maps (its pure action, no language needed...piiii, *****piiii)):

War off-road

Point B

Sergey T.

Kings off-road

It seems that first 2 channels are done by the same person.

If you know other MR themed chanels, especially not russian, please post it here. The same for series and other stuff!)

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