Discussion: environment suggestion: Suburb/City in post USSR/Southern Russia (BLYATSURGENCY)

I know Insurgency is about Middle East mostly and it's way too early to consider adding new environmental settings.

Russia/USSR had plenty of insurgent conflicts of different scales, and has them even today. I'm curious if you could consider moving towards Russian Special Forces (СПЕЦНАЗ/ОМОН) vs. Bandits/Insurgents in environments that feature more Russian/Soviet style architecture. Perhaps as a DLC or maybe a spin-off. You can take southern post-USSR because it's pretty much desert (all asset's you'd need for this are blocky houses and simple "soviet" furniture), and then you could move your way up-north with new assets for vegetation etc.

Pros of RU/Post-USSR setting:

  • You will surely get more community support thanks to recognizeable environments and a huge base for memes (middle-eastern "haram" is great but is literally centuries old, I think you could use "cheeki breeki" and "cyka blyat"). A lot of Russians seemed to love Insurgency. I'm Russian too 😛
    You have "4 stripe fake adidas" clothing options in the beta (much appreciated!), it would fit perfectly for the Bandits/Insurgents. Personally I see the "4 stripe fake adidas" not just as an easter egg, but also as a hint that you are aware of the slav/gopnik style/culture.
  • Suggests new approach to game modes (e.g. counter-terrorist siege operation; these were/are quite frequent IRL in garage complexes and suburb areas).
  • You already have nearly entire weapon base ready for this setting. Just need more modern variations of Soviet/Russian weapons for Security forces (AK-100 series and some other).
  • Post-USSR architecture is simple and blocky, so it shouldn't be as difficult to craft as your current maps.


  • New environment setting means a lot of work for artists and entirely new VA.
  • You are focused on polishing the Middle-East setting right now.

I'm eager to get into Insurgency modding once you make workshop integrations! I'm sure people will try with different environmental settings, including the one I mentioned, because we've seen that happen for Insurgency 2014.

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Good ideas !
May be these should be taken in consideration by modders who do custom maps after official game release in December.
I bet there are a lot of talented map builders and modders out there who could bring out such Soviet/USSR maps.

I suppose inspiration could be drawn from the recent conflict areas such as Chechnya and Ukraine and would perfecly fall in line with your suggestion and even past ones like Yugoslavia.

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