Heavy weapon conundrum

So I basically just use the Heavy weapons on this game (good stagger, plus damage) but I've been frustrated since the beginning since the entire Impact and attack speed system makes it more beneficial from the beginning to run light weapons with Heavy Armor (to increase Impact) and Heavy weapons with light armor (to increase stamina stuff and attack speed) with little benefits to heavy weapons stacked with heavy armor (no impact bonus, and stamina is then terrible)

To be honest, for the next one, I wish there were more benefits for running heavy armor with heavy weapons... or even a "bastard" class of heavy weapon that has less impact, but higher attack speed, while classified as a Heavy weapon... that would get more of a bonus from heavy armors...

Also heavy dual wield weapons would be cool... Twinblade from Fable for reference, but with excellent multi-directional attacks and slow lunges.

While I agree with you to some extent but if you want to you can make things work later in the game. I'm talking NG++ I'm currently running a high energy build. I have different types of buffs I get when I have high energy. 5% (or 20% depending on how much energy I have) damage from the bloodied Cerberus Set,Heal over time 3/s using Plasmic Array v2 and v4, More Impact using Concussive Array v3, increase attack speed using Velocity Array v3, More defense using Ablative Array v2, stamina regen using Endurance Array v3. I also have 100% energy decay to keep my energy as high as possible for as long as possible. then you can add other things like Medi-Coltaic Max and/or Mechanized Counterweight v4 to increase survivability and damage.

Edit: bare in mind that I'm in NG++ and I have 28 implant slots so yeah...

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