why do not create a crowdfunding for new teams or animations?

We know that producing new contents is very expensive and not always the breaking point for costs is reached.

But We really need new teams ( especially the khorne team after the last update misundfertanding)

So Why do not create a crowdfunding project by FOCUS to produce them?

Zero risk for the company and all we old bb fans really willing to finance the new teams ( happy as weel to lose money in trying to have new team)...

well focus please have a thought about it... you would be the first game company to finance in this way a dlc....

I would rather have a BB3 based on TT 2016 version.

Tbh, I don't see any value in this proposal. I would readily pay for new meaningful content, like new game modes (7s, streetbowl, squigbowl, Stunty League, new AI, new solo campaign even, if it will be really something interesting), or new framework (a platform which allows users to create their own mods and rulesets, and use them in their leagues), or transition to the latest BB (tabletop) ruleset, or at least some new optional features (rigged balls for Gobbos anybody?)

But paying for more teams has the same value as paying for cosmetics, in my eyes - almost zero. There are more than enough teams already.

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I'll pretty much buy any BB related content. Crowd funded or otherwise. Count me in!

New teams would be great, i quite love this game and would love another couple of teams to learn