Wondering if to report team who seemed to have wrong TV

Hi can someone else look at Gros Gorets - first there TV seems way off - they have a VI long beard only 170K and a 3rd level long beard is 120k. Also they seem to have played far more matches than there 10-2-2 league rerecord would suggest - an experienced team that joined?

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

No dwarf team by that name in CCL. There is one in Open Ladder, though. Perhaps you've confused the competitions? Their TV is calculated correctly at 2000, and all the individual TVs are also correct (the longbeard at 120k has a doubles skill, as do the two level 6 longbeards at 180k; the 170k one is on normal skills only).

Thanks - any idea about the number of games they seem to have played - over 45 and yet there league standing says 10-2-2?

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

COL doesn't reset teams, just seasonal records. The league standings will be based on this season's record.

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