American Wilds Expansion DLC purchased but not available in game!

Hi to everyone,
on october 23rd I bougth American Wilds Expansion for PS4 on Playstation Store (I already purchased Mudrunner with 'The Ridge' and 'The valley' DLCs, installed after purchasing the base game). I used the Playstation Store web site on my PC for the purchase.

Strangly Playstation Store didn't let me add American Wilds Expansion to download queue and the 'size' attribute of the purchased content says 'N/A' (Not Available).

Searching for American Wilds Expansion on Playstation Store from my PS4 dashboard I found the DLC in 'Purchased' state but 'Download' option in not available. It only gives me the 'Run' option that actually runs the game BUT in game menus I can't find the American Wilds contents!

Trying to search downloadable contents from game menu brings me on the Playstation Store page where I can see Amerincan Wilds Expansion ('purchased' state) but as usual it doesen't allow me to download the DLC.

What can I do to get the DLC?
Peraphs restoring licenses for all contents from PS4 settings menu will fix the problem?

Or I have to delete and re-download entire Mudrunner Game?

Thanks for your help!

Sergio from Italy

Hey there,

Yeah, could you try restoring licenses for me, and let me know if that fixes the issue?

Are you experiencing the same issue?

This morning I also sent a message to Focus Home Interactive technical support: they told me to do a power cycle (turn off, wait 2 minutes and turn on) of the PS4 to clear the console cache.

If this doesn't fix the issue they suggested me to uninstall and reinstall the game.

This evening I will try the suggested solutions (plus the license restore) in this sequence:

  1. power cycle;
  2. license restore;
  3. uninstall and reinstall game.

I hope this will fix the issue!

I'm sorry, I didn't notice your 'Community Manager' status.
I don't think you are exeperiencing the same problem, you are only suggesting me to do so to resolve the problem.

@doomer80 Haha, it's all good 🙂

Let me know if those work, and if not, I'll investigate further 🙂

yesterday I used the 'license restore' PS4 feature and it did the trick!
I also rebooted the PS4 after restoring the licenses and American Wilds expansion contents are now available in game!

Thank you very much!

Greetings and... good mud to everyone!

@doomer80 Lovely to hear, glad you got it working!

Hi I have the same problem
I followed all the steps but nothing happened
Is there anything else I can do?