Champs League for mixed teams or make Champs open to mixed teams

Can we have a mixed Champs league that resets to TV1000 unlike Anarchy which has tv2000+ teams still in it. Maybe keep the current Anarchy like Cabal Open. Bonus if we even had a small prize for Mixed Champs League to get more player interest.

If anyone knows who to ask, point me in the right direction.

Making CCL open to mixed teams is never going to happen... or at least, not until anarchy league gets much more populated and we can actually gauge the strength of mixed rosters. I think most of us believe mixed rosters to be abusively imbalanced, and nobody is going to want a bunch of those in CCL.

I don't see them making an anarchy league champion ladder either, until enough people are playing in the mixed team league to justify such a thing. When BB2:LE is what everyone is playing then having a custom team + mixed teams league would be interesting, even as a champion ladder type thing (though not mixed with CCL!), but I suspect enough people are unable to make custom teams to make a custom team league even smaller than anarchy league (since non LE owners would only be able to create 1000 TV teams that never have progress... and they'd never be able to play custom teams that are likely > 1500 TV to start).

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