Why does it keep saying I don't have "enough privileges for this action"?

I have messages in chat, but it say's I don't have "enough privileges for this action". What is up with that? Why am I being limited here?

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Thank you for letting us know. Can you give us more details about this message in chat? For example, when did it appear or which occasion did it happen on?

It started the last time that I logged in. I had a chat message, clicked on it to look at it and it gave me the message "ERROR You do not have enough privileges for this action". It does it every time I try to look at the chat message I received. Still doing it.

Also, just tried to connect to "see all chats" and got this
"Internal Error.
Oops! Looks like something went wrong!
You do not have enough privileges for this action."

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Hi @kwpops, thank you for these details. I've passed them along to the team. I will come back to you when I have more information.

Can you provide us some screenshots about this issue? It will help us a lot!

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It's happening here, on the forums, not in the game. I can try to grab a "snipit", but it's very difficult because of where the notice pops up on my screen and the short amount of time that it stays there, but I will try. It's not as easy as just hitting F12, in the game, because it is here, using the browser, not in-game.

We're trying to figure out where did this problem come from. Meanwhile, if you'd like to chat with somebody in the forums, please choose directly the person insteand of the see all chats button.

Good day.