Floating Truck (PC)

This happened after I unintentionally moved some ground by trying to tow a flipped dump truck. I exited the game (not sure that's what did it) and when I came back the hole in the ground was still there but the collision system acted like it wasn't.

I'd post a screenshot but the forum says I don't have privileges to upload a file.

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Hey there,

You should be able to provide a screenshot by clicking the button next to "upload a file".

I don't see any button for uploading a file. In the past I was able to drag a file into the text window and that would upload it but that doesn't work anymore.

Anyway, I think you get the picture from my description. It's not a bug I see often. Yesterday was the first time I saw it, but it may become a more frequent problem with vehicles that are able to move ground.

I've also got a PS4 floating truck problem, on grizzly creek there's an intersection about 190m from the south-western garage. The intersection has a muddy hole filled with water in the tarmac, but when I drive over it the truck acts like the puddle does not exist, it just floats over the top. If i rotate the camera around I can even see a gap between the tires and the surface of the puddle. Seems like it's always like this, every time I load the map.

@raphael Hi all,

I've passed these on to the team, thank you for alerting me to the issues.