Am I the only person who thinks all of the rocket launchers are way to accurate over long distances? I get that with the addition of helicopters they wanted them to be an efficient option but it seems to me people are shooting rockets into windows and doors etc.. with laser accuracy from seemingly halfway across the map. And in my opinion when you have even a small group of people all firing their rifles at the helicopter at the same time it’s pretty effective! Not saying they should become useless but imo they need some attention.

Agree. Rockets are OP, maybe it could only be possible to choose a rocket launcher as a main weapon, and you will have to either pick up another primary or play more defensive when acting as the rocketeer on your team - This would make the game more specialized towards classes.

Or make rockets cost a lot more points.

Only be able to choose a rocket launcher as a main? NO! HELL NO!

A solution in my eyes is to add a stinger lock on and return the rpgs horrid precision to its former glory of “hope for the best”

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Rocket launchers are too broken and too low-skill right now. The explosion radius should be reduced a lot so you have to hit within a few feet of your target to kill them. That way it still works against helicopters and technicals but doesn't feed you free infantry kills.