Hi there,

I have a few requests for possible future enhancements to the Map Editor. Hope that is ok!

  1. More variety in terminator numbers. I'd like to make some missions that give the option to use 2 full squads of terminators, or alternatively in which you could limit the number of terminators in play - say a solo librarian mission, for example.

  2. Maximum numbers of blips per turn - It currently seems like it's always '2 blips'. There may be some missions where I want to limit numbers.

  3. Secondary Objectives - I'd love to be able to set secondary objectives - Give people the chance to try and grab a relic on their way out, or save a lost brother, etc. Or even to make dual objective missions - get the relic and flame this room, for example.

  4. 'Unmapped' / 'Fog of War' - the ability to set a 'rule' where only tiles in Line of Sight are revealed - so the layout of a mission is not immediately displayed, but must be explored. This could also take the form of 'hidden' objectives - you can see the layout, but don't know where the objective is - it needs looking for.

  5. Bulkheads - a feature of the 1st and 2nd edition of the board game, and the original PC game, was bulkheads - doors that could only be destroyed by the Assault cannon, or chain fist (I'd guess in this version plasma cannons would do it too!). They could also not be opened by Genestealers, enabling Terminators to use them to seal off parts of the map.

That's all for the moment! Thanks!