Hello, so I was missing with my settings right when I get insurgency sandstorm and I clicked on something in the display settings and now everytime I try to log on it says that the refresh rate on my monitor is too high. I even downloaded this app that allowed me to see the screen on my phone and I was able to change the setting from my phone and it still didn’t work!!! Please help me I don’t know what to do.

I would say if you already tried everything :

  • Deinstall the game on steam ( also delete manually this folder : C:\Users\ ... your computer´s name ...\AppData\Local\Insurgency )
  • Reboot PC
  • start steam again
  • reinstall Sandstorm again.

That will definatly help with any problem.

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Just try the above files first. That should clear all in game settings. Re-install is a bit over the top straight off