I've made two posts about this in the past, but I thought I'd make a third, hopefully final post about it, since my previous posts were months ago.

So basically, sometimes when you level up, you don't get the credits that the level up rewards that are promised to you. (So a ((random?)) cosmetic item, and 100 credits.) I returned to try this game again after a few months to see how it was coming along. I wanted to test and see if the issue was fixed yet, so I played a couple rounds, wanting to level up a few times to see if the bug still existed.

Unfortunately, I only needed to level up twice before I saw the bug in action. Not only did I not receive the credits 'rewarded' to me, I didn't even get the cosmetic item either.

I am aware that this is still in Beta and that this will all be reset once the game comes out. But I have looked in the forums and I have not seen any mention of this under "Known Bugs." So, I'll just make another post to bring more attention to this issue.