I often get instantly domed by elite sniper veterans while many members of my team get to face off against stormtroopers from star wars, they get the derpy as hell ai who stand there drooling or they spray without aiming and nothing touches them meanwhile i can never seen to catch a break. what the hell is with the ai suddenly going full derp mode against some people while some of us just get rekt?

Also i've experienced a phenomenon with the hitboxes, say i come across an opening in a broken wall and engage some targets, then i retreat behind the wall or run while protected by cover to another location and while the enemy are continuing to shoot at me from the starting position it seems like my hitbox just stays there and i've died many times when I was in cover, it's like the hitboxes stop being attached to the player model; it's incredibly frustrating and after talking to some people it seems that i'm not the only one who is frustrated by both of these issues, many people have said the game is very annoying as a result.

Fix these issues please :3

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