NEW DLC trucks.. and offroading!!!

"Keep in mind im talking about mud-running"

so hello everyone, pretty much everybody expected new trucks without AWD to be weak and unable to cover anything besides asphalt, well... i think they can do more than they get credit for, just did 3 hour testing for ford, bison and freightliner, as found they actually are pretty durable and able to handle heavy mud with WEIGHT on it.. obviously flat truck will get stuck in everything and those 3 do surely, but instead of making it pull weight u just put weight ON the truck and it can handle pretty much everything.

forget 6 load log trailers for bison and ford but if u put short log trailer and load it up and actually know how to drive in this game with low gear, u can get through in pretty deep mud sections, with patience of course "no fast spinning" tires or mud will basically eat ur truck in snap of a finger and ur not getting out with any gear, so be careful

same with full fuel addon, more fuel.. heavier the truck is and easier to get through mud but no fuel trailers!

dont put short-medium combo on neither bison or ford.. well i lied, u cant put short and medium together on bison anyways so thats pretty cool from DEVs, although ford can do that combo and has little more power than bison, still risking having 3 points on truck and 4 points pulling it, is not worth, little dip in watered mud will stop ur truck and no getting out unless u detach trailer and winch out

with freightliner is much easier since it has short log carriage with crane, loaded up it gives pretty reasonable weight on its back and is much stronger in tense situations, with short and medium together? id say u give it a try it can do its job pulling it, but no 6 load trailers in mud.. thats a big no, i say freightliner would be stronger than westernstar if it had god dang shaft.. AWD, it has more speed and power in my opinion and in high gear can pretty much fly

westernstar.. well what can i say its pretty much underpowered, gets stuck with 6 point loaded, seems to not have enough traction cant pull the damn thing, it should be as strong as stock C-432010 or C-260 in my opinion since thats the only AWD truck we got with DLC, and people said previously that it actually is super strong IRL but whatever..

so there u go, i did testing on bunch of different russian maps with deep mud from workshop and on proving ground, so they arent as useless as some people presumed.


my little compliances..

  • 1 - two 8point lumber mills on same place on both maps.. pretty stupid tbh lazy design choice from devs, just have one with 16 then..

  • 2 - well... easy as shart maps was expecting little more challenge

  • 3 - bugs with 6 point loads, being dropped in middle of nowhere for no reason.. ur driving boom lost load

  • 4 - bouncy hummer with 300 health 😃 .. uaz is more durable than god damn Hummer H1 military truck 😑

  • 5 - skidder fun, but fact that u need another truck pulled up to load up logs is just not good.. k-700 concept worked so well cause it had ability to get truck ready on its own no additional cranes and stuff, if every truck could have its crane then yes, or skidder could load up logs on its own

  • 6 - generic medium log trailer for Forwarder 😞 should be like this

alt text
alt text


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me and bud just did this , we towed the 8400 skidder with the LTL and freightliner.

i was in the LTL and he was in the freightliner,

we went through swamp on grizzly creek and logmore, and had no problem,

also i put the short log cart on the LTL and put the B130 in the back with the fuel barrels in the back of the B130 and the LTL went through the mud like it was nothing.

as for the k8400 skidder being not able to load trucks, its easy, with shorts and long logs,
just turn the logs straight with the skidder and back it in to the trailer,

as for the WS i dont think its that good, just seems slow and underpowered

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