I feel the shotguns need more range and power. I was out with my shotgun earlier today and I was exploding watermelons at 300 yrds. The game should be like this to add realism. We should also be able to mount a 4x scope on them so we can use them as substitutes for a sniper rifle in a pinch. Thanks for your time!

No !
I DON´T agree as the shotguns are the most powerfull weapons already.
One shot kills are granted and the 7 shot magazine is big enough to take out a squad of bots.
It even fires faster than the sniper bolt action rifles with greased bolt, that is the reason why many players prefer it over a sniper rifle.

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The shotguns are sadly the best guns in the game. Buffing them would make them completely broken. Buff the other guns to match Insurgency's signature lethality, and then we can make shotguns more realistic.

I was being sarcastic. The shotguns in this game are the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. How can you say you are going for realism and have shotguns that kill as far as you can see. Honestly, it's embarrassing.

Also, shotgun hits to a vest shouldn't be deadly.

Ohhh i see you were sarcastic, sorry didn´t recognize that.
Well, to be honest, shotguns are amazing weapons, even on distance they do really big damage with flechette or slugshots :
So i think its not that unrealistic as one might think :
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I'm fairly certain we are using some type of buckshot in this game. I agree slugs are powerful but they still don't penetrate the vests.

[link text](

Interesting Video !
Your right, standard slugs don´t penetrate through AR500 steel plate, but´s only covering a very small area of the body.
So i am not sure if Sandstorm is using the AR500 steel armour plates or just using a weaker body armour in the loadout of the players and bots.

May be they use non standard slugs and flechettes 😉
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@mlb7 said in Shotguns:

Also, shotgun hits to a vest shouldn't be deadly.

For balance, they have to be. If it takes more than one shot, the shotgun drops to the lowest TTK in the game due to the chamber time. At least make meat shots a one hit kill.

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@mlb7 They however bring a buttload of bluntforce with them that would easily break bones and trigger internal bleeding, so most likely still lethal.

I believe its buckshot in this game since you can be off and still get the hit. That blunt force dissipates quickly as range increases. Up close they would put you on your butt for sure, but that could be said of some pistols also.