Sniper Headshot: Head Explodes

Well, I can understand that people may like this feature... But it's just nor realistic that on sniper bullet dismembers the head of a person up to the neck ( If itwould only be half a head left, it would be reasonable in my opinion).
And normally I love to go and look up where my bullet hit, especially when I sniper ... what's some how impossible when there is no head left...
It would be cool if there was an extra option for ... I don't know... head-explosions with high calibre rounds, because I just love the rest of the dismemberment system, it's only this part what bothers me
otherwise up to now great game 👌🏼

dude, while you're trying to look at that crap, you could be helping your team instead. it's not a milsim. This isnt arma or squad. If you're trying to track down your kills to confirm where you shot someone in the skull, turn off dismemberment.

also, personally, when i blow someone's head off with a mosin at 150m and see that satisfying pink explosion above their shoulders, i leave it at that and start searching for the next target.

@lordsiggi Yes because you can tell exactly how he plays the game from half a sentence he wrote...

"and normally i love to go and look up where my bullet hit"

The hell do do you think normally implies. It means more often than not.

I can tell how he plays the game by the words he uses. That's how languages work.

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