Announcing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2!

@archmagos-alexi Good to see you still breathing, brother.

@caliger_reborn Of course I'm still breathing, hadn't you noticed I've been onlien and kicking for the last few weeks lol~

I see old faces returning to the battle stations. Good. But where is @Blexus Falconer ? He was not online from 22 Sep 2017.

@imperator said in Announcing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2!:

I just got Belisarius Cawl for my budding AM forces to do battle alongside Blood Ravens.

So maybe I will finally paint mine (yes, I have not painted mine yet) and we will see who will be more pleasing to the Machine God?

@grey-seer With any luck he'll reappear from the warp within the next few weeks, I'm sure a lot of the other veterans will jump back to their battle stations once the word spreads properly. Heck, it brought me out of retirement in offline mode so I'm sure others will hear the call soon enough.

Great new ! I m really happy of this annoucement !

I loved the idea of BFGA 1, even if i played few to the game (only 20 hours while i'm a really hard RTS player) because i wasn't convinced by the production. I founded indeed the battleships too small, not really impressive, which is in contradiction with the theme the game was supposed to deal with.

For BFGA2 become a giant title, the game must be impressive, with massive battleships that players can contemplate during battle. This time you MUST BE magestic, you must be "Gothique flamboyant" !! In the model of this amazing trailer you made for BFGA1 (this teaser and his music so beautiful) :

By reading the descriptions of all improvements you provide, I'm really confident of the great game you will make and very impatient about the first views of your work !

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I'm also intrigued by the idea of larger battles. Hopefully we see battles with more than 6 ships total between the two players.

@grey-seer I still got a lot, and I mean a lot to paint.

I'm right now doing 4 dreadnoughts, and got 2 Sternguard and 3 tactical as well as 15 terminators waiting, plus Gabriel(russian edition without conehead), the Calth heroes, Jensus Nantoriah and an Attack bike to paint.

As well as a "gifted" DA Vindicator to repaint. Plus my marines are almost infantry, and need some tanks, same for the orks.

@imperator Yeah. I was joking. I too have much to paint. I have partly painted Prosecutors, Lord Veritant + Grifhaund, Neave Blacktalon, Garrek's Reavers, Skitarri Rengers, Tech-Priest Dominus. And a bunch of prepared to paint. Kastelan Robots, Sicarian Infiltrators, Kataphrons, Grundstok Thunderers, Retributors, Liberators, Vanguard Rengers, Space Marine Captain, Terminator Space Marine Captain, and Primaris Captain. And much, much stuff in the sprues.

When I will finish all this, I don't know.

I know, it took me 3 months to finish the Thunderhawk. It got some extra upper wingtip Twin HB/Lascannon turrets and additional missile launchers too for extra dakka, as well as a small back up voidshield that I got with the Warhound.

@netheos Oh by the godemperor, please... when does testing begin? When may I play this beautiful game? I played the first vigorously and oh god I can't wait for #2

@netheos said in Announcing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2!:

will be first presented to the press during Focus's yearly event in Paris, le What's Next de Focus, on February 7-8.

who goes there to take pictures for us ?

@tiffman I'm not sure about others, but I believe Chapter Master Valrak will be going.

Huh, I recognise lots of these names, Valrak and Imperator especially.

I just came to say it leaves a bit of the bad taste in the mouth to treat your fans so poorly with essentially radio silence, for an entire year (after supporting the game after release for half that), when you're simply making a sequel. On the one hand, it's gratifying to see that you're adding all these features for the second game. On the other, are we supposed to just forget that you promised us a fair few of these features for the first game, then instead went completely AWOL and never added anything? You heavily implied a third DLC race for example, either the Necrons or Tyranids, but nothing came of that. I can't imagine I'm the only one who's more than a little indignant about what's essentially a cash-grab (Insofar as why does this warrant a new game?) to ride off of the unexpected success of the first game?

I like the game enough to get the sequel, and to be excited about it. But I'm cautious that history will repeat itself. I hope that lesson has been learned.

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