So let me preface the following impressions with the knowledge that a I am a big Stalker fan and hyped this game up since hearing about it. A couple of things I would like to say about it, whether I get hate or praise, it doesn't matter.

1.) This game is very ambitious in its execution and I feel really attempts to revamp a genre with cool mechanics. While I initially believed it to be nothing more than a PubG clone, further inspection revealed it to have some pretty cool features. I personally like the zone closure mechanic, its different than the encroaching "gas / zone of death" that other BR games have instituted. It makes end-zone prediction a little bit more dicey and forces players to think about where the extraction is going to end up. I am a fan of the anomalies, although I would like to see different types like in the Stalker Universe...I think it would be hilarious to see a player run into a burner or fruitpunch....or even more hilariously into a vortex where they are haplessly ripped to pieces. I also like the sector specific anomalies such as the adrenaline hazard which essentially force you to run everywhere...kind of puts you in a pinch when you are trying to scrounge for gear. The localized radiation mechanic and personal protective equipment are a cool touch as well, makes you feel like you are in the radiation ravaged environment that so many of us Stalker fans love. Would be cool if certain areas were higher radiation from the start of the game, and would contain better loot than you would find elsewhere. Would force you to have to gear up before going into them to search for powerful weapons and equipment. The PVE vs PVP aspect is kind of meh, but I will get to that later. Overall the premise for the game is def different than what is already out there, and I think with some more Stalker focus, it will be even better. Would love to see some stalker suits as an airdrop item...or maybe even some equipable anomalies which give different stats. Speaking of status effects, pretty cool...I like how sudden storms and fog can drastically alter the way you play the game .

2.) Visuals- The game def feels like stalker in a way, with the old busted up Soviet buildings- authentic. Graphical fidelity is pretty decent, game looks fairly pretty.

3.) Audio- Audio is also pretty good, but leaves something to be desired (Will get into some of the problems I have encountered so far). The sound design is not going to win any awards, but it gets the job done.

4.) Network performance - need to speak more about this as well.

5.) Overall first impression - Positive but cautiously ambitious...This game has potential but it has MAJOR hurdles to overcome.

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