Switch camera side while using trailer

When not carrying a trailer, the 2 key or -> in the D pad lets you switch the side of the camera which is VERY useful, but for some reason when you carry a trailer this button stops working for that and instead focus the camera on the trailer.

My suggestion is to make 2 and -> switch the camera side even when carrying a trailer BUT use the 3 key and down arrow in the D pad to switch to the trailer camera.

Currently the Down button is used to go to advanced mode which is also used by the up button. We can save that redundancy and use the buttons for something useful.

just use the joy stick to move the cam to the other side of the truck, thats what i do.

@300six sometimes it is not just that easy in the heat of the moment when seconds count towards you rolling a truck or not. hitting a quick cam key to switch the cam around versus using the mouse or stick to move it is very useful to have imo.

i fully agree with this idea and will go one step further and add that it would also be nice to have the cam not just go to the right rear side of a vehicle when you hit key2, but also to have it cycle through like the left side camera and allow a quick cam for the right side looking back. we would then have quick cam keys for all four corners of the vehicles.