Earning Points Offline

Hey everyone!
Something that's been bugging me of late has been that you don't earn any points while playing offline. I really don't like that. The only reason I'm playing online at all is that otherwise I wouldn't earn any progression points and I won't be able to customize my character. I'm a sucker for customization.

Would you (the devs) seriously consider allowing us to earn points in offline (local) play? That would really make my day.

And why don´t you like to play online ?
It hasn´t to be versus mode, what about coop ?
It´s always fun to play with others as you never know about their different playstyles.

I suppose it's just a preference. I just don't like online gameplay much. All the hours I spent on the first Insurgency, about 98% of them were offline. Even coop, I'd rather play with bots. I'm a sucker for SP games. One reason I absolutely adore Insurgency and sandstorm is that it caters to both the online and offline player base. I just want them to allow loners like me to earn points offline.

So sad that you prefer to play just alone.
Feel free to add me in Steam as a friend ( LIGHTNING Team GSG 9 ) and i play with you some nice coop matches just the way it´s meant to be played.
Slow paced, moving from cover to cover, communicating with Voice over IP , supporting each other, helping to survive and win the mission !
At least i am trying to keep the deaths score low for me and my teammembers.
You will see it´s much more rewarding than playing with some stupid bots that don´t care for you as human players would do.

You're very kind friend, and I will most definitely add you. But there remains the fact that I just enjoy playing games by myself most of the time. And so I really hope the devs allow progression for local play.

All the same, I look forward to teaming up with you! 🙂

I’d be okay with this ONLY if the local and online progression systems are completely separate. This is because in local play you have access to commands (god mode, force resupply, disable ai, force respawn) in addition to being able to manually set the AI difficulty. People (maybe not you) would use these to quickly gain experience and points and that’s just completely unfair to the players in multiplayer and completely devalues the customization in general.

I'm down for keeping them separate. That's a great idea! As long as I can go nuts gaining XP offline, I really don't care whether it carries over to online play and vice versa.