Two easy-to-fix issues to make the game way more enjoyable

Hello Devs,

I'm not sure whether or not you still read these forums but I thought hey what can I lose.
My friends and I have started playing a while ago now, but two things have been bothering us to no end.
I remember that in the first game you could directly challenge your friends in leagues, which made playing against each other a breeze, despite the hideous UI. But in Blood Bowl 2, We have to wait 300 seconds(!) just to get a match going. That's 5 minutes completely wasted, for no apparent reason. Please for the love of Tzeentch, change this. Just either match us up instantly (which shouldn't be an issue in 2018) or allow us to directly challenge each other. Whichever works for me, I just want to play without having to spend 5 minutes doing nothing.
The other thing that makes me want to swallow a cactus is the fact that you cannot rename your players once you've recruited them. Man when we found this out we had a collective aneurysm. You can't even use the excuse that there is a market for players now, since you couldn't do it in the first game either, and I'm pretty sure players aren't cataloged based on their NAMES, but rather given separated ID-s to differentiate them... right? But even then, variables can be changed and so should names.

So TL;DR: Remove the 300 second timer for leagues and allow us to rename players. Please.
That's all.

Thanks for your time.

The first idea is excellent, the second is trivial.

Both have been requested since this game was released.

@kejiruze said in Two easy-to-fix issues to make the game way more enjoyable:

The first idea is excellent, the second is trivial.

It may be trivial but for convenience it would be very welcome. Likewise having a naming template for teams would also be handy, so if you create a new team but want to use previous names for players you could.

Seconded, thirded and probably even fourthed!

Hell, the ability to rename players has been asked for since the beta of BB1, and they still haven't been able to implement it, so don't hold your breath!

Maybe they don't see the benefit for them.

But adding a way to challenge players from DISCORD, instead of currently only with steam friends, would be very popular; and since discord also want to be more popular they could agree to splash this update news related to the growing interest in their gaming platform, and thus make some free publicity for both themselves and the game.

But direct challenging from inside the game leagues is indeed a needed no brainer. Why search what you allready know ? or maybe they are mining a few bitcoins every time a game is launched ? LOL