Patch 4 - Hotfix

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It’s been a week since the Treasure Map Update. We’re really happy to receive all your support and feedback. The team is hard at work on improving the game, and we’re happy to share with you a hotfix that addresses some of the main concerns players raised after the most recent patch.

You can find the details below.


Change log


  • Secret stashes now open automatically right after searching
  • The amount of blocked buildings per village has been decreased
  • Decreased the amount of ammo for sniper rifles in airdrops and secret stashes


  • Fixed an issue where players were able to loot through walls
  • Fixed an issue where holes appeared in the land near Loading Station, Chistogolovka and Shepelichi
  • Characters will no longer fall through the floor in the starting lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would disappear if dragged over the sidearm slot
  • Wolves will no longer be able to pass through doors.
  • The radius for splash damage has been smoothed
  • Fixed crossroad textures
  • Fixed the missed particles, decals and UI elements in spectator mode
  • Nvidia Highlights will no longer record when a player kills a wolf.
  • Fixed an issue where windows would not break
  • Increased the distance between two fallen cranes to prevent players for becoming stuck
  • Fixed the localization in some languages
  • Fixed an issue where if players were too far from some assets, the assets disappeared
  • Fixes an issue where some building materials would become black in the rain
  • Minor fixes to notification displays

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any issues regarding the game.

Fear the Wolves Team

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they both played and played, unfortunately; here's an update; I said it all! My best regards 👌

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p.p.s just if you (the developer of the game) as soon as possible will not take anything drastic about it - it will be a fiasco!

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@Pajarvi We're still working on it. We'll try to address this issue in next update.
@UwagaCyjanki Keep nice please!

Guys, it's 12:45 and there was not a single game since 10:00pm yesterday. Tbh it was one, but it crashed after 2 minutes.
Winter sale? -50% price? Please, do something.

5 players is a crazy idea. I get it, you want to servers initiate faster but the area is way too big! Make is 50% actual size 😕

Some other guy posted similar idea and I agree. 90% of the game I'm running and gathering gear. 1-2 kills is max, sometimes I don't see anyone for entire game.

Please, make area smaller and maybe disable zone? Or make those zone quadrants smaller?

I really want to play the game, but man.. do something to make it more playable.

@chaton the solution to the problem with the update is certainly good, but now I give you quite specific facts, and you do not do anything; it's a direct violation of the rules of the game 😯

@uwagacyjanki said in Patch 4 - Hotfix:

Go! Terminate yourself and don't come back, no need for such pathetic crybabies 😛
You cheeky bastard, you think devs don't know what to do? And your lament for "anything drastic about it" makes me sick.

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