MudRunner - October Community Update

would be just great to get a fix for the small issues.
Let the game end with an unfinished DLC is just not what this game deservers.

@porkhunt said in Spintires: MudRunner - October Community Update:

Truely a great game, but it’s still very hollow, the DLC’s are great but lack much substance. After the American wilds DLC it’s left a bad taste in my mouth, only 2 maps! Many more things should be added, maps, winch gear (pulley blocks), better vehicle modifications greater steering on the road (atm it’s broken). I’ve also come to find that the traction on roads is absolutely off you skid around and spin, I’ve constantly ran into glitches of bushes getting stuck into the vehicle impeding the movement of it. The damage on the game is truely off it’s broken you can’t hit a rock at slow speeds without a 8/10 chance you get 20 damage! A lot of improvement is possible, I am very happy to see this great game making such great progress! Keep it up!

I agree with some of that, but I'd say the damage is OK. You do have to go slow over rocks, as you would in real life. And traction on road isn't "absolutely off", though I agree it's too slippery on takeoff and small vehicles like the A-969 are quite unstable at speed, otherwise it seems OK. I've noticed bushes getting stuck in trucks but haven't noticed that it impeded the movement.


I agree. It's especially disappointing to see that even the little issues that were reported months ago haven't been fixed. For example that lettering on the B-6A fuel trailer. On the right it's attached to the hose which moves, which causes the lettering to go in & out. I finally decided to stop waiting for the devs to fix this and fixed it myself. It took me like 5 minutes (I set limits on the fuel hose movement). A better fix would be if the lettering wasn't parented to the hose, something I cannot fix as a user, but this will do.

Are I'm the only one who has been experiencing that logs is disappearing completely when capsizing truck when loading and driving to log mill for delivering. So I can't pick and pack scattered logs. So I can't do the master logger achievement. And it doesn't matter if it's standard or modified truck's or map's. It have been happened more recently since the American Wild DLC.

@dragonb1988 This has been reported to us, actually, the team are looking into it.

Yeah. I know I have mentioned it before. But did not get a answer on what's happening further with some of the issues in the game. Didn't know if the game is going to be fixed or not. The concept of this game itself is awesome. But it's need's to get rid of those minor bugs that are easily been overseen.

So why does the camera and game lag out hard when in american wilds just by moving the camera? Anyone else have this issue? Ive seen people post on FB post about it but not here.

@blazinit What platform are you playing on, please?

Sorry man im on ps4 and my lil bro says it does the same on his Xbox but not as bad thanks for the fast response thou love this gaming community

Should only get points for logs packed. ( 1 log=1point) realism. Great game look forward to dlc packs.

where is this month update?

It's out having lunch with last month's update... When they both finally show up they're going to be full I bet.