Pls help cant pass dream sequence

Have problem its so buggy i cant past dream sequence at begining cutscene dont kick in and when i want to cut the chains you just remove them without animation or anything i cant pass the dream thing i when i open that door no cutscene

Would you happen to have video of this, please?

uff well i have picture if that helps see am wondering in that area where cutscene suppose to start

Could you please make sure you have the latest Windows Media Feature pack installed?

thanks thats the bug now il try with new media pack doubt it will help

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ok guys friend gave me his local save files i escaped the insanity haha that was bad dream indeed lol

wow nmd something is way worse am getting no cutscenes am stuck at harbor without cutscene

actually it was windows media pack once i updated it it works

@malibudo said in Pls help cant pass dream sequence:

windows media pack

Sorry for spam and thank you

yw cant belive then all you should also get cutscenes