Hi, I just started Call of Cthulhu (PC), and unfortunately I found a couple of issues that I hope can be fixed in future updates.

The very first issue I found was that the motion blur was on by default and that it's tied to the "post processesing" setting, so to disable it you need to set it as "low" which makes the whole game look bad. I had to disable it by editing the .ini files and I really shouldn't have to - it should be a separate setting in the first place.

The second issue was that the default FOV is way too low. This might be okay for console, but on PC (sitting close to a monitor) it can be really uncomfortable and even nauseating for some people. Again, I changed it in the .ini files, but a FOV slider would be pretty nice.

Third issue was just a minor thing, but I noticed it immediately - the fog in the very first level is moving with the player (while also moving in relation to the player).

And the final issue (so far) is with the dialogue - it really needs a low pass filter because some of the consonants (mainly s and c) sound way to loud and to high pitched. This applies mainly to the main character voice-over, but some of the other characters are affected as well. Honestly this is almost a dealbreaker for me because the dialogue "physically" hurts and I can't focus on what the characters are actually saying.

I created a little comparison using Audacity - there are two audio clips - one with the default audio straight from the game, a second one with a low pass filter applied (24dB reduction, 14kHz cutoff frequency) and a third one with a high pass filter applied (same settings, leaves only those frequencies that are problematic so you can hear them better):
https://instaud.io/2RGc - here's the default one
https://instaud.io/2RGf - here's how it sounds after applying the low pass filter.
https://instaud.io/2RKl - and here's after applying a high pass filter. Note that some people might not hear much if at all - it depends how good their hearing is. If you don't hear much in the third one, try to play it a little louder.

While I might have gone a little aggressive with the low pass filter I think you get the idea.

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