PS4 Trophy bugged

I finished the Blood Angels campaign but did not get the 'Saviour of the Imperium' trophy. I redid the final mission again and waited for all of the cut-scenes to end but still nothing.

I've contacted support who only suggested checking my version was patched up to date (it is) and that I was online, which I am. All other trophies have unlocked fine.

Also, I cannot find ANYONE to play against in multiplayer, I literally just want to win twice for the trophies and would gladly reciprocate with someone to get them out of the way. Is there an option to invite a friend from your friends list (I couldn't see one but maybe I'm blind) to get a game or do we just have to search until the end of time?

EDIT - Support got back to me about the trophy. For some reason only known to the developers, the 'complete the campaign with the Blood Angels' trophy is not awarded after completing the campaign, but after hitting some hidden completion % (despite winning everything available I still apparently did not hit the required target). I was advised to restart a NEW campaign and play through some missions which should unlock the trophy. It did, after the second mission (first is the tutorial hand holding one).

Still can't find ANYONE to play with in multiplayer though

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Yes. Multiplayer can be quite the wait. 😞 The matching system is horrible, I really hope they improve it. We need a "I-don't-care-if-I-play-Stealers-or-Marines-or-if-it's-Public-or-Ranked-I-just-want-a-game"-button.

Someone made a group chat on PS4, for glory, friendly banter and to help us find games. I took the liberty of adding you, assuming you are HDHooligan on the PSN. I am ExBeeOne.

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