Time based handicap system

Something that could be completely optional to implement into leagues: having the ability to change how long individual players/teams have to complete their turns.

So player A might have 2 min turns while their opponent player B has 3 min turns. In theory this is a handicap to player A.

Perhaps this could be implemented in a couple of ways.

Firstly, you could make it part of the inducements, which would obviously/potentially aid those teams at lower TV. It would be a costly inducement but worth it...a player who is rushing their turns may make more mistakes and give the underdogs more of a chance. They might not but the option would be there.

Secondly, you could make the duration of turns inherently linked to actual races. So in a league where this was implemented, for example, ALL dwarf teams would get 2 min turns, ALL Wood Elves teams 2 1/2 mins, ALL Vampires/Goblins/Halflings teams 3 mins.

Some teams do require more thought to play [not a dig!] and in a handicap system they should perhaps have more time to do so. So in a mirror match both dwarf teams would be playing 2 min turns and the inducements would still be in place to aid the lower TV team.

Dwarves v Vampires would be 2 mins v 3 mins, and so on.

This would be a fundamental shift I appreciate and would require much thought/effort to implement.

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I don't hate it, but I'm sure about connecting it to races.

Why would Dorfs have a shorter turn timer? Are you one of these nutters who things they're OP and not a difficult team to position well?

It's an interesting concept, but unless it was on a match by match basis, and assigned to individual coaches I don't see how this would work. Far too micromanagey with little payoff imo I imagine it'd be difficult to implement too.


No I don't think Dorfs are OP, I've just finished a season in a league with mine. But you infer that they do need careful consideration when playing them, as positioning is key. Hence why having 2 mins v 3 mins would be a handicap.

And dwarves are easier to play than the Tier 3 teams such as gobbos and vamps. So T3 teams could do with a boost.

Perhaps, the handicap, such as it is, would work better simply giving additional time to some teams. Though in the CCL, for instance, waiting for someone to complete 4 min turns might be very taxing for some!

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