Multiplayer league suggestion

Myself and my brother are fairly new to BB2 but used to play the board game. It’s great we can now play online against each other. The biggest problem though for us is that really we’d like to play a league of about 8-20 teams where we can control all of them between us. A bit like say Fifa where you move the pad to which team you want to be. But currently it doesn’t allow anything like that I don’t believe. The nearest we have gotten is to open a League with one team each and 8(maximum) AI teams who for the most part are easily beatable. And then we have to play all those games against AI to play each other once. We want to play as any of the teams playing through whole weeks and generating a league with stats and a feel that’s alive to us. It doesn’t seem possible I guess currently as at points we would have to take control of each other’s teams. If anyone knows differently or a way around this feel free to wade in.

This may sound a bit messy, but you can create up to 5 accounts for each bb2-key you have. So the two of you could create 10 accounts -> create a team in each and create a league with them -> share accounts and passwords for the teams depending on who has to play

Why not create a ladder and play in that with any matchup between you two that you want? The only drawback is that you'll have to wait 5 minutes before each match, but you'd get a leaderboard and so forth.

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