Rock texture help (Alpha channels!)

I have "big rock a" retextured to my liking, that was easy. I am now trying to retexture the 3 small rocks under "Plants" but failing.

I put a texture over the standard one in Photoshop, but I don't know what settings to save it as. I have the Nvidia DDS Format box up if that helps? I just do not understand Alpha channels at all and I want to retexture the twigs also but it's going to be a steep learning curve for me.

One setting made it purple, another made it black.

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i usually use DXT3 for vehicle textures, using DXT3 or DXT5 you should probably be fine

DX-1 is for images with NO alpha channel
DX-3 or DX-5 is for image WITH an alpha channel
no alpha = 24 bit image
with alpha = 32 bit image

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Thanks, I have to learn masking too, I thought I could just put one texture over another like the big rock a , but that didn't work.


Here's the first attempt with help from Draconus. Not too bad. Needs work but I'm happy with it. Went with the mud texture for now, I'll try rocks next.

Edit: I have retextured the small rocks too, this is easier than I thought.. WIP though, just dipping my toes in. It's not tiled texture yet, just to see how it would look.

alt text
alt text

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@digital-x said in Rock texture help (Alpha channels!):

Here's the first attempt with help from Draconus.

He knows how textures work more than I do and would be better to help with your problem. I know some but not as much as he does.

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He's done some crazy graphic overhaul recently with realistic texures that dont look like dog crap

The mud texture above wasn't tiled, and still 512x512. Not totally happy with the texture and will be redoing it, but learnt something new last night so I can make slow progress on it at least.