How do you block Genestealer entry points?


Pretty much as it says I'm confused and cant seem to find the answer anywhere in regards to this, as I get close to a genestealer spawn point they get an exclamation point in them but it doesn't seem to stop them spawning ( slow them down maybe?) I'm not sure but they have spawned and killed me np, but playing as the stealers I've had termies being round the corner from spawn points and I'm completely cut off from using them and can no longer put any blips in them at all which has me confused as hell.
Main thing that's got me is the new maps where I'm meant to move through nest areas or kill all targets on maps with multiple nests, and I have no idea how I'm meant to do this unless there is some way of locking down those spawn points somehow? googled the hell out of this and found nothing, any help would be really appreciated loving this game but this one point is sending me crazy...

I posted a guide on Steam forums: "Ten Tips for Terminators". It includes some thoughts on Blocking Entry Areas. You can find the full guide here, if you want to take a look:


Some maps will make it hard to utilize this, but you should always be mindful of the possibility.
Blocking an Entry Area at the right time, could turn the tide of battle.
From what I heard, this is not covered well at all, in the tutorial, so here is the official rule:

If a Marine is six, or fewer, squares away from the square next to the Entry Area, Stealers and Blips cannot enter the map on the turn they are placed, they must Lurk, for at least one Turn.
On the next Turn however, they may enter as normal. Count by the shortest possible route, ignoring facing, doors, flames, intervening models or Blips.
If a Blip or Stealer was already Lurking in the Entry Area when the Marine moved to within six spaces, it can enter play immediately. It does not have to Lurk an additional Turn because the Marine showed up – he’ll just have to take his chances.
Important: Blips are never forced to Lurk for more than one Turn. They can always move on the second or subsequent Turns (though they don’t have to move if they don’t want to).”

This not only enables you to delay the Stealer reinforcements. Depending on your opponent, and the nearby layout of the Hulk, you can use this to create “reinforcement-decoys”.
Because one thing is certain: If you block an Entry Area, the Stealer player will surely put Blips there - restraint, is hardly the way of the Xenomorph.
But he won’t be able to move them in, until the next turn. That’s when you get out of the way, pull up the Flamer, and let him hose that burning promethium towards the Entry Point, all night long, giving your other Marines time to move up."

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Thankyou!! I've searched high and low altering wording trying to find anything to help me with this, so I can charge a room if nothing is already lurking there and get a turn of peace, but only one. Cant thankyou enough just hit a mission with termies spread out and 2 rooms with 4 nests in each to get through to be able to get to the extraction tile, couldn't understand how to get through the room in its entirety before those 4 nests spewed death all over any termies in the area.

Saved me a huge headache 🙂 Happy hunting!

Thanks for the link to your Tips on the Steam Forum.

Solid advice.

You are most welcome.

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