Chapter 9 bug - stuck on dialogue wheel

After watching a cutscene that ends with the dialogue wheel showing up, i cannot proceed.

None of the dialogue options are clickable.

I have tried reloading the save, restarting from last checkpoint and restarting the game. Nothing seems to work.

I read in another thread that using a controller might help, but i dont have any.

I'm having the same issue. It's the wheel that appears after the dialogue, "He always knows when it's something to do with me", right? I've tried reloading the save, exiting to the main menu and then reloading, exiting the GAME and reloading, nothing. I even updated Windows media pack, and I still can't make any headway. Did you ever manage to fix it?

Hey both,

We're currently aware of this issue, and will fix it soon!
Good day!