account activation email not received.

Hello, Yesterday I finally got to install BB2 at home after having bought it for few months. Upon starting the game it asked me to create coach/account. This required nickname, email, pasword the usual stuff. I did this and started playing. Now about 24h later after starting the game it said I need to activate the account via the email I registered it ( I shoould have made a scr shot with exact message but I didnt). Sofar so good but the problem is I have not received an email to activate my acccount. I checked all the mail including the spam folder. Also checked the alternative address in case I used it.

For now it seems the game allows me to play but may be in another 24h It will not.


By the time I see the topic is confirmed I have it fixed. It was my mistake. I had mispelled my email address. I went to Settings > Coach > Change email address > Return the confirmation email nd fixed it.

Regards all.