Change crane controls

Is there a way to change crane controls? I'd like for R/Space to be Raise/Lower and for Q/E to be rotating the crane head counter-clockwise/clockwise. If not, I think they should definitely add that to the button-mapping options.

I agree, but there's only an indirect way to set those controls. The devs are hijacking some of the other button mappings for the crane. I don't remember the exact mappings but I know you can change the crane controls by changing keyboard mappings such as the diff lock, 4wd drive and other functions. It takes some trial & error to figure out what controls what on the crane. If you have another device like a steering wheel to control the vehicle, then this approach works well. If you use the keyboard for everything, then it can be a mess.

i dont see the problem with the controls,about 5 mins and i was good to go

I put up with the default controls for a few months. Then finally customized them as outlined above. I wouldn't go back. I'm so much better & quicker at loading logs now.