High ready when going through doorway is silly.

I understand the idea of high ready going through a doorway for balance purposes, but for carbine, pistol, and SMG I feel that it is unrealistic. Unless you are sporting a suppressor on said weapon. Low ready makes more sense because that is how you would maneuver. This would enable you to point shoot still to the lower extremities also.

This little video is showing how rooms are cleared correctly.
It´s all dynamic ! A combination of high-ready and low-ready at the exact moment you need it.

Youtube Video

You never can do these dynamic changes effectively in a FPS game played on a regular computer monitor.

But it´s possible in FPS games for virtual reality Headsets like in Firewall Zero Hour, Onward, Pavlov, etc. where you have full weapon control
Youtube Video

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There's a lot of different opinions out there, but high ready in CQB is absolutely not unrealistic, in fact it's the preferred method for SEAL teams.

Being in high ready when there's a chance of immediate close range contact has some advantages. If you move through a doorway at low ready and come immediately into hand-to-hand contact with a hostile it is easy for your weapon to be trapped in a downward orientation and your only options are to fire at the legs at risk of hitting yourself or transition to another weapon. At high ready you have much stronger control over your muzzle, you're in a position to do a muzzle tap to their face, and are close to being able to contact or instinct shoot at their head or upper torso.

High vs low ready in CQB is one of the many topics in the combat community with no clear right answers but a whole lot of people who are absolutely convinced they know the right answer. I like high ready when making a dynamic entry, otherwise I'll switch between high and low depending on which direction I think is safest to point a rifle.

Whoever wants to try out how the three weapon positions high-ready , ready-to fire, low-ready positions feel in a computergame, try out the game
Ground Branch ( available on Steam ) which is also in development ( early-access game ) at this moment.

As far as i know this is the only FPS game that includes these three tactical weapon positions.
Understanding something in theory and applying a technique in real life is sometimes different when using the same technique in computergames as you don´t have the body´s sensors ( sense of touch )
In a pc game you cannot "feel" objects ( doors/doorframes/furniture etc.) so you cannot act like in reality. All you can do is moving by visual.
In computergames you learned to keep a little distance to objects as your weapon will be affected negative when you come to close to them ( the weapon muzzle will be pushed away from the area you want to aim / cover )
Plus .... we don´t have free look ( a function where you can move only your head without moving the weapon which still points in a specific direction ) so it´s pointless to try to apply every single real life room clearing procedures in CQC in a computergame which has arcadish elements.

Adding the possibility to shoot your very close opponent in the legs while being in low-ready would increase immersion yes.
This makes sense when you quickly come around a corner and suddely collide with the enemys body ( who was hiding behind the corner ).
In such a case your weapon muzzle would be pushed down ( perhaps ) and you still could kill the opponent.

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