Flames caused by Molotov cocktails on walls or vehicles look unnatural

Whenever a molotov has been thrown towards a vehicle or a wall i can see two or three flames in 2 meters height blowing from top left, top center and top right to center bottom.
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This looks absolutely ridiculous as the flames normally sting from bottom to the top.

If there is a damaged gas pipeline in that height --> ok, the flames blow down by the pressure of the gas.
If there is someone with a flamethrower in the window of the second floor --> ok, if he holds the muzzle downwards

But hey, this is just a burning ground/vehicle and wall !

Flames don´t suddenly arise from nothing in 2 meters height blowing sting flames like a dragon out of his mouth/nose downwards
Ingame flames look like coming from the dragon in this video
Youtube Video

Please NWI fix that unnatural looking fire ( unreal engine 4 fires can really look excellent and realistic )

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i do agree but i think the whole sequence looks weird to be honest

I always thought the flames didn't look that great, tbh. I'm not even talking about flames orientation or whatever. It's of course a problem, but they don't even look like burning spilled gasoline to begin with.

That being said, I know it's quite difficult for a game to render flames realistically, even more so when the flames come from a burning liquid. Yet, I still believe this could be enhanced.

Fire looks quite ok in Hunt : Showdown, actually :

Youtube Video – [17:02..]

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